Prospective Sailors

Life on the Team

Being a member of the McGill Sailing team is a highlight for many students during their time at McGill. Team members benefit not only from honing their racing skills on the beautiful St. Lawrence, but also from the supportive community of fellow sailors. All athletes compete in regattas during the Fall and get to travel to places such as Boston, New York, Ottawa, and Kingston to race. Being a part of the team also includes a membership to Montreal’s Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club.

Given Montreal’s climate, our season only runs from September to November. During this time, team members are expected to commit to two practices per week and attend at least two weekend regattas. We are a very competitive team and expect our members to work hard to be continually improving.

The McGill Sailing team is a huge family. We support one another on and off the race course. Our social events are a huge part of being on the McGill Sailing Team! Throughout the year we get together for fundraisers, “family nights,” and and annual ski trip. But your connection with the team will not stop there, you’ll meet lifelong friends and find a supportive fantastic community within your fellow sailors.

Every fall, the McGill Sailing team recruits new sailors to join our ranks. Tryouts are held in early September. Follow us on Facebook for updates about tryouts and all things sailing!

Joining the Team

We welcome sailors from a diverse range of sailing backgrounds. While many sailors have experience racing in dinghies or keelboats, this is not a requirement to join our team. If you have sailed before and are passionate about this amazing sport, then don’t hesitate to try out!

If you have any questions about being a member of the McGill Sailing Team then please contact our team Captain, Adele DesBrisay at

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Learning to Sail at McGill

Please note that our team is unfortunately not for those who are looking to learn the basics of sailing or try this sport for the first time. We hold Learn-to-Sail events through the McGill Outdoors Club in the fall which are better suited to such individuals.

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(We also send all this info to the MOC list-serv, which you can sing up for here. )